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Earth Hour Ambassadors Hailed for Academic Excellence

It is graduation season at Makerere University and World Wide Fund for Nature- Uganda Country Office (WWF-UCO) would like to congratulate all students that have successfully completed their studies but more so to the Earth Hour ambassadors, the young and zealous individuals  who have committed to working towards conserving nature. The Uganda’s oldest higher institution of learning is set to hold its 69th graduation ceremony from Tuesday January 15 to Friday 18, 2019.

WWF- UCO with pride announces that out of the 5 students with a first class degree in environmental science, 3 of them are Earth Hour ambassadors.
Acuda Aaron Opeto, Yengi Emmanuel and Kobusinge Rose who has also just finished her internship with WWF-UCO, have worked so hard in their academic and thus excelled. Congratulations.
 “It is such fantastic news to see that the young people we are nurturing are blossoming like this, the future is bright for them and certainly our environment is safe with them” says Susan Tumuhairwe, WWF who has spearheaded the Earth Hour campaign since 2017.  

In an exclusive interview with Emmanuel Yengi, one of the Ambassadors, his excellent performance is attributed to the opportunities by WWF-UCO that engaged him and equipped him with the knowledge about environment and Climate Change.

“I was lucky to have associated World Wild Fund for Nature Uganda that is very committed to supporting and working with the young people towards creating solutions to the challenges affecting our communities. This  was a dream come true for me because it gave me the chance to network and work in a diverse team consisting of both students and work professionals of different academic backgrounds,” Said Yengi.

According to Acuda Opeto, the activities by WWF that ranged from Earth Hour, Workshops and Conferences on environment, tree planting activities to educative nature walks and tours to the highest mountain of Uganda greatly improved his understanding and passion for the better environment.

“I could not miss any chance to getting involved in the activities by WWF. This greatly boosted my understanding of environmental issues around the globe and not only did it strengthen my connection to our mother earth but also gave me the same kind of connection to my academics during my time at the Ivory Tower,” said Opeto.

In 2017, during the Earth Hour campaign and working with Makerere University, WWF- UCO identified enthusiastic young people who were committed to protecting the environment.

The young people showcased their various efforts to protect the environment.

 These included, recycling, holding peer sensitization sessions, and making briquettes, a more environmentally friendly alternative to charcoal and firewood.

Towards the end of the campaign, these young people were rewarded and also branded as Earth Hour ambassadors due to their exemplary work and ability to influence other young people to follow suit.

In the 2018 Earth Hour campaign, the Earth Hour ambassadors took part in the 370 km climate change walk that climaxed in Kasese which gave them an opportunity to visit the Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

During this visit, they learnt of how much climate change was affecting the biodiversity of the landscape and the communities around; challenges such as drought, floods, invasive species and increase of malaria incidences in high altitude areas.

This experience energized them in their pursuit for a greener environment.
WWF is committed to supporting young people who are engaged in environmental protection because it is one of the sure ways of attaining sustainability in conservation.

 Over 500 students have been engaged since 2017 to increase their contribution to increase their participation in the conservation agenda.
From Right (Squatting) is Rose Kobusinge, Yengi Emmanuel and Acuda Aaron Opeto.