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Earth Hour 2019; Valentine’s Day the Nature Friendly Way

So this week, we celebrate Valentine’s Day! We shall all be waiting on our loved ones to show us love in many different ways as we also plan to shower them with the same love and thoughts.

Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day has always been the epitome of paper waste. The billions of cards that we shall be sending and receiving are some of the reasons why deforestation is on the rise. Additionally, chocolate and flowers are also bad news to Mother Nature. The producers of these two are listed among the biggest users of pesticides across the globe.
 The good news is that there are other ways to express your love and romance to make this Valentine’s Day memorable without causing a big impact on nature.
Start with your dress code. While we all know that Red is the official Valentine’s Day color, you can add a little green this year and make the day environmentally friendly. Also consider having a romantic and organic candle lit dinner at home. This  is cheaper, private and most importantly nature friendly.
For colleagues who must say it with a card, consider looking out for only those that are made from recycled materials.
You can also consider leaving a lasting mark on your loved one by planting a tree and naming it after him or her. As it grows, it will forever remind you of your love journey and its special memories. And if you must book a retreat, let it be in the wildlife park. The business you take there will ensure continued protection of our biodiversity. Additionally instead of a bouquet of expensive flowers, give an organic grown flower in a pot. Your loved one will be able to enjoy it longer than the flowers which will wilt as soon as it clocks 15thFebruary.
 Finally, since we are living in a digital era, let us go digital this valentine and save nature. Get your loved one the digital versions of the romantic music, books, and movies. This will eliminate the packaging that is almost always wasted, and you never need to worry about your sweetheart losing his or her copy with the abundance of cloud storage for digital material.
Let us know how you will celebrate your Valentines Day in an environmentally friendly way. Send us a photo showing one of the recommendations here in and you could win a trip to Rwenzori Mountains National park.