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WWF in Talks with Private Sector for Conservation Financing

Last week, WWF Partnerships and Program staff visited private sector companies in the five districts bordering Rwenzori Mountains National park to seek for partnership in conservation financing of the Rwenzori

During the meetings, the teams discussed progress on the rollout of the existing partnerships, the achievements, challenges and developed new strategies moving forward.

 According to WWF’s Water governance manager, Beria Namanya, bringing on board private sector who directly utilize natural resources like water as a raw material into integrated water resources management will not only increase financing for conservation of the Rwenzori mountains landscape but also enable sustainable utilization of these resources.

Among the companies visited were; Kasese Cobalt Company Limited (KCCL), Eco Power Company Limited, Kakaka Hydro Power Project, Lubilia Kawembe Hydro Power Plant, Nyamugasani II and Nyamugasani I Hydro Power Plant and Ndugutu- Sindila Hydro Power of Bundibigyo.  
The environmental health and safety manager at Lubilia Kawembe hydro power plant, Robinson Muchunguzi stated that the partnership is timely as the plant is recovering from the effects of the recent floods that affected operations at the site for close to a month.
The GPS coordinates of all the identified private sector companies in hydro power generation were captured to support the process of developing a map for downstream and upstream service areas.
WWF in Uganda is implementing strategic partnerships with private sector for conservation financing through initiatives such as Payment for ecosystems services, Forestry and Agricultural value chains, Corporate Social Responsibility and tourism development.  Since 2014 a total of 2,193,750 USD has been mobilized from the private sector for conservation financing of the Rwenzori land scape and beyond through these initiatives.
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WWF Wildlife and Protected areas manager, Daniel Ndizihiwe, taking coordinates at Nyamwamba II hydro power station