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Fresh water

Fresh water

© Susan Tumuhairwe

Uganda has abandant fresh water resources including 36,527.4 sq.Km of open water bodies with large active storage capacity in the lakes including Victoria, Albert, Kyoga, George, Edward and major water rivers such as Nile,Muzizi, Semliki, Sezibwa,Kafu,Katonga, Kagera among others.

Why does it matter?

The abundant water provides an  opportunity to tap water resources for Uganda's economic development.

The National development plan prioritises sufficient water as a vital input for Agriculture, Tourism and the Industrial sectors. However, Fresh water resources are being affected by the changing climate; pollution; over utilization; encroachment on wetlands, River banks and lake shores; poor managemnet of waste and industrial  effluent among others.This therefore calls for innovation and sustainable  management of these resources if they are to continue providing the economic, ecological  and social services.

Did you know?

Uganda is a true description of a pearl. 25% of the country is covered with fresh water.

© Susan Tumuhairwe
What is WWF doing?

WWF-Uganda is currently promoting the preservation of priority water catchments in Uganda in order to sustain water quantity and quality and ecosysytem functions for sustainable livelihoods and production.

What can you do?

Join the Campaign. Cut down on the length of your shower to save water for generations to come.

© Alfred Rwamirego