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Report on Forest Stocks, Product Technologies and Market Value Chains

The total harvestable volume for eucalyptus in GVL and SAL in 2020 is estimated at 692,970 m3 with the largest contribution coming from plantations of 8 to 10 years of age.

On available forest stocks of pine and eucalyptus, the study has found out that forest plantations on private and public land in the GVL and SAL stand at 64,220 hectares with the majority of 85% (approximately 54,275 hectares) on private land and 15% (approximately 9,944 hectares) found in protected areas. Of the 54,275 hectares on private land, 42,702 hectares are eucalyptus plantations while 11,573 hectares are for conifers (pine, cypress, casuarina).

Of the 9,944 hectares found in protected areas, 5,424 hectares are conifers, 4, 520 hectares is eucalyptus.

ucalyptus is the most dominant species in GVL and SAL (both on private and public land) estimated to be at 74%, while conifers (estimated at 26%) are the most common species in Central Forest Reserves (CFR).

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Forest Stocks, Product Technologies and Market Value Chains Report