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The Need for Uganda is the Need for the Whole World-Marco Lambertin

In an exclusive interview with WWF Uganda’s Rita Kyategeka, Marco Lambertin, the Director General of WWF noted that the need for Uganda and Africa is a need for the whole world. Marco was responding to the question on what is in COP27 for Uganda and Africa in general.

He explained that because we are at a point of a climate crisis, no body, no economy, no Country and no continent is immune from disasters and impacts of climate change unless we join forces to address it.

“The difference is that rural communities and less developed economies now for Uganda and Africa among others are much more susceptible to the impacts because they have less resilience which some of the more developed countries have,” he explained.

Marco stated that the in justice in that regard was evident and should shape the negotiations at COP27.
 “Developed countries therefore must consider urgent   financing for the loss and damage as a liability or compensation as opposed to it being considered a form of support because its outrightly clear that their contribution to this loss and damage in developing economies is immense,” he elaborated.

A recent study released by the World Bank said that climate-related events will squeeze more than 132 million people into poverty worldwide with African countries losing between 10% and 15% of their GDP by 2050.

Africa produces only 4% of the world's planet warming emissions despite making up 17% of the world's population but is particularly vulnerable to climate change. Climate finance for adapting to climate-related disasters and stopping them from getting worse remains a thorny issue at climate negotiations. A promise of $100 billion a year in climate funding is yet to be fulfilled despite being two years past its deadline.

“If that is not delivered at this COP27, it should be taken to COP15 in Montreal. Its therefore high time that the COPs start speaking to themselves if we are to conclude the talking and act to address the climate change crisis,” he concluded.
WWF Uganda’s Rita Kyategeka interviewing Marco Lambertin, the Director General of WWF