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Emily Sitaraya Shares Her Experience with the Improved Cook Stoves

"Because of the convenience of the stove, my husband has started supporting me with the kitchen chores"

Robert Aluanzi and wife Emilly Sitaraya are teachers at Owayi Primary School of Omugo sub-county Arua district.

On Tuesday December 12, 2017, Aluanzi visited Kubala Market where an exhibition for the improved cook stoves was taking place. This was organised by World Wide Fund for Nature-Uganda Country Office (WWF-UCO).
At the exhibition, he was fed with information about the efficiency of the improved cook stoves.  He was persuaded to acquire one and paid for it in two installments.

 According to Sitaraya, the use of improved cook stoves has improved her efficiency and convenience in the kitchen.
“I would take a lot of time preparing food and sometimes my children would sleep off at night without eating. But these days, even when I come from school late, it takes a few hours to have the meal ready,” she confessed.

She adds that the stove produces less smoke compared to the traditional cooking   stones.  Because of the convenience of the stove, her husband has started supporting her with the kitchen chores.

Previously, the family of nine would use a bundle of firewood worth Shs 5000 for three days while using the old three stones model. However, the improved cook stove uses the same bundle for two weeks.

According to Aluanzi, this has been a huge boost to the family financial status.
“I have not been saving this money with any saving group but I feel there is some change. I no longer feel the burden of purchasing other home use material,” she said.

The family plans to acquire a solar home system in a few months to provide light to their children for revision in the night.
Emily Sitaraya preparing food using the improved cook stove