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“Am Honored by the Trust and Opportunity to Lead”, WWF Uganda Country Director

WWF Uganda welcomed her new Country Director on June 1st 2023. Ivan Tumuhimbise has now stated that it’s an honor to lead WWF in Uganda.

“I am deeply honored by the trust and opportunity granted to me to lead WWF in Uganda as we work to attain a County and World where humans will live in harmony with nature, sustainably. The interconnected crises of climate change, biodiversity loss and all forms of pollution demand for urgent action from humanity and policy makers to ensure a healthy future for all. My leadership will be building towards those actions and policy reforms”, he said.
Ivan added that his vision for the country office is to consolidate her gains as a leading conservation agency in Uganda, being a respected partner of choice, facilitator and catalyst of balancing diverse conflicting interests that ensures local communities, private sector and government can collaboratively pursue nature conservation ideals.
Asked about his 1st 100 days, Ivan explained that he is using the period to gain an in-depth understanding of the Country strategy, plans, processes and procedures so that he can ably support the team to deliver the programs collaboratively, effectively and efficiently. He is also going to build on the gains made in the past to stimulate and enhance a work environment that teams enjoy, ensure psychological safety for staff to innovate fearlessly and contribute our mission.
Several staff spoken to have stated that in Ivan, they have a dynamic leader, technically grounded with superior people management skills. For the two weeks he has been in office, he has demonstrated leadership, respect and integrity and will no doubt lead the team well in the pursue for a world in which humans live in harmony with nature.
Together possible.
WWF Uganda Country Director, Ivan Tumuhimbise interacting with other officials at World Environment Day Celebrations