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WWF, Partners Set to Restore 20KM Stretch of Wetland Catchment

WWF in Uganda in partnership with National Water and Sewerage Cooperation and the Ministry of Water and Environment are set to restore 20 Kilometers of Kitagata wetland catchment.

According to the Fresh Water program Coordinator at WWF, Beria Namanya Ibony, WWF   will supervise and support implementation of full-scale source protection measures in Kitagata to restore and preserve the micro-catchments from which raw water is abstracted for Bushenyi, Mitooma, Sheema and surrounding areas. 
“We are continuing to identify, map and profile priority hotspots that we shall restore through promotion of catchment based integrated, equitable and sustainable management of water and related resources,” he said.

Namanya added that to enhance resilience of communities, wetlands and associated catchment ecosystems, members will be engaged in improved agricultural practices and alternative livelihood interventions that will support the project to restore degraded spots of the wetlands, and associated catchments.

The District Chairperson, Jafari Basajabalaba applauded WWF for embarking on restoring the Kitagata wetland catchment while involving the communities.
 “It is exciting that WWF is calling for a stop on degradation of wetland ecosystem and as the district leadership, we commit our support towards this restoration work,” he committed.
National Water and Sewerage Cooperation with funding from the World Bank is implementing Integrated Water Management and Development Project (IWMDP) which provides support to Water Source protection measures and restoration activities in sub-catchments of Uganda.  Part of these funds were allocated towards protection of water sources that supply water to major cities and urban areas of Uganda.  Under the IWMDP, NWSC in partnership with WWF will implement full scale source protection measures/ micro-catchment restoration measures in Western Uganda around River Kitagata catchment.
Part of the Kitagata wetland under pressure from human activities